Since the beginning of 2001, a number of top UK musicians have been descending on Syn’s studios in Tokyo to add their distinctive touches to the recording of the first album for the ground-breaking Japanese pop artist, The album is being produced by Syn founder, Nick Wood.

First to arrive was Robert “Addicted To Love” Palmer, who re-recorded a raunchy vocal in a duet with on The Beatles’ classic, Drive My Car. Originally demo’ed by Robert and a year ago as a potential single, the song’s new, compelling electronic programming was the work of Chris Corner, frontman for the UK band, Sneaker Pimps, with a mix by Jim Abiss, who has worked with Bjork, All Saints, Unkle, and Sneaker Pimps, among others, at Metropolis Studios in London.

Another Bjork collaborator, Graham Massey, of the Manchester-based dance music pioneers, 808 State, spent most of April in Tokyo working with Nick Wood on half a dozen more tracks for the album, and is returning again in June. will then add vocals in separate sessions in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and LA befored the album undergoes a final mix in London under the supervision of Jim Abiss and Nick Wood.

In addition to Drive My Car, Nick and have collaborated with Duran Duran frontman (and Syn’s Chairman) Simon Le Bon, Dr. John and others to evolve the unique melodies which have already prompted a high level of interest from leading Japanese, US and UK distributors.

The album is scheduled for release on the Syn label in early Autumn, 2001. For further information, please contact

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